Scottie Lewis Scouting Report

(First posted at RealGM)

Scottie Lewis really impressed with his defense on Josh Green and on Nico Mannion in this year’s edition of the Nike Hoop Summit.

He has a thin frame for someone his height and can’t contain dribble penetration through contact but bends his knees to get down in a stance and showed great agility moving side-to-side to stay in front in isolation.

When he moved on to Mannion in the third quarter, after Cole Anthony struggled to stay in front in the first half, Lewis showed a good deal of tenacity defending on the ball by proving himself to able to get skinny through screens at the point of attack and hustling in pursuit to discourage or block shots from behind.

He exceled off the ball as well:

  • Showing activity with deflections and denying easy handoffs;
  • Showing awareness rotating in to pick up the roll man;
  • Showing hustle on hard closeouts and chasing Mannion around screens.

At the high school level, Lewis flashed the ability to rotate off the weakside and go up explosively off two feet to block shots too.

On offense, the 19-year-old is known for his scoring prowess in isolation. The way he moves has drawn comparisons to Kobe Bryant and they aren’t unfounded.

Lewis has a quick first step out of triple threat position or a standstill position and can go up with power off one foot in traffic, go up with explosiveness on two-foot leaps off a spin move or adjust his body mid-air for double clutch and reverse finishes with either hand around rim protectors.

His pull-up arsenal is versatile as well, as he’s shown the ability to nail pull-ups off spin moves, step-backs, crossovers and going behind the back with suddenness.

Lewis hasn’t yet shown to be as adept operating in pick-and-roll, though.

With that as the case, for now he is expected to develop into more of a 3&D wing.

The New Jersey native has a projectable shooting stroke on spot-ups – catching it on the hop, going through a pretty fluid release, fully extending himself and getting monster elevation for a high launch point to get his shot off comfortably over closeouts. But the ball doesn’t go in a whole lot just yet.

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