Ousmane Dieng Scouting Report


  • Six-foot-seven French wing currently being developed within INSEP’s system;
  • Turned 16 last May[1];
  • Drew interest with his appearance at the FIBA U16 European Championship earlier this month, where France placed second;
    • Statistical profile in that event: 18.6 PER, 15.9 points per 40 minutes on 42.5% effective shooting, 29% assist rate, 4.1 turnovers per 40 minutes, 11.3% defensive rebounding rate[2];
  • Got a lot of opportunities to create shots against a set defense, most often acting as the team’s primary escape valve late in the shot clock;
    • Logged 23.5% usage rate;
    • His shooting percentages were bad, but his shooting stroke looked great and suggests there is a chance of him developing into a high-caliber shooter in a role as more of a floor-spacer;
    • His work in pick-and-roll was promising but lack of dexterity and explosiveness at the rim limits his potential in that role for now;
    • Proved himself a willing shot creator for others but shouldn’t be considered as a great passer just yet;
  • Did well as a weakside defender by executing the scheme but didn’t play with regular intensity as an individual defender on the ball or flying around to create events away from it.


  • Shooting stroke looks great for someone aged 16: fluid mechanics, dips for rhythm, fully extends himself for a high release, pulls the trigger quickly;
  • Efficiency isn’t there yet: nailed just 32.4% of his 34 three-point shots at the U16 European Championship, at a pace of 8.7 such attempts per 40 minutes;
  • Besides basic spot-ups, took some shots off the catch on the move as well, by relocating around the perimeter to get open;
  • A chunk of his looks materialized via pull-ups;
    • Has a knack for getting to his spots in pick-and-roll, especially by showing a good feel for using re-screens;
    • Showed an appealing combination of handle and rhythm to create separation to get his shots off in isolation: crossover into step-back pull-up and going behind the back into step-back pull-up;
    • Adept at shot-faking to try baiting the defender into leaving his feet or destabilizing him just enough to create space for a short-range jumper;


  • Has a thin frame for someone his height and is only so-so at playing through contact at this point of his physical development;
  • Got downhill in pick-and-roll some but didn’t attack the lane all that often;
  • Has good court vision in terms of not insisting on drives when the path to the goal isn’t apparent and rarely drove into crowds;
    • On the other hand, didn’t show good speed with the ball when he did turn the corner;
  • Tucks the ball to protect it in traffic;
  • Showed no floater to act as a scoring threat from the in-between area;
  • Didn’t attack the basket with power and didn’t show a particularly diverse finishing package to deal with a rim protector parked between him and the goal;
    • Showed just 34.6% on 26 two-point attempts in the tournament;
    • Earned just 3.6 foul shots per 40 minutes.


  • Assisted on 29% of France’s scores when he was on the floor but at a low 1.56-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio;
  • Most of his assists materialized of him being a willing passer on drop-offs and kickouts to the strongside off drawing two to the ball;
  • Plays with a nice rhythm in pick-and-roll, which afforded him opportunities to deliver some neat passes on delayed reads: hitting the dive man over the top on a slower-developing roll off a shot-fake, jump-passing back to the stretch big in pick-and-pop and flashing the ability to make a pass over the top to the opposite end.


  • Impressed with his hustle in transition;
  • Executed the scheme pretty well as a weakside defender;
    • Rotated in to pick up the roll man and leveraged his length into deflecting some passes from the side;
    • Disciplined, consistently aware not to help off the strongside – averaged 1.5 steals per 40 minutes;
    • Stepped up to help crowd the area near the basket on rotations off the weakside – not an explosive leaper to act as a shot blocking threat but guards with his arms up to challenging via walling off;
    • Shows good awareness making preventive rotations to take away a clean path to the basket when he was the lowest defender;
  • Bends his knees to get down in a stance and put together a few possessions heating up opposing ball handlers somewhat impressively but doesn’t often play with that sort of intensity;
    • When engaged, has enough lateral slides to stay in front out in space and leverages his length to contest shots effectively but can’t contain dribble penetration through contact;
  • Doesn’t go over picks at the point of attack quickly enough to be considered an option to crossmatch or switch onto smaller players;
  • So-so discipline on closeouts: at times sells out to run the shooter off his shot and gives up a clean path to the middle, at times showed great body control to contest catch-and-shoot’s effectively without crashing into the shooter;
  • Played solid post defense against similarly sized wings;
  • Diligent boxing out whoever was closed by but wasn’t of much help going after the ball whenever others did the dirty work;
    • Collected just 11.3% of opponents’ misses when he was on the floor.

[1] DOB: 5/21/2003

[2] According to RealGM

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