Franz Wagner Scouting Report


  • Seventh-ranked prospect in Europe, among those born in 2001[1];
  • Pure perimeter player listed at six-foot-seven[2] with a frame speculated to be around the 190-pound range[3];
    • Measured with a six-foot-eight wingspan in the 2017 Jordan Brand Classic a couple of years ago[4] but might be lengthier by now given his grown in height;
  • Will turn 18 in August[5];
  • Developed on Alba Berlin’s youth system over the past three years;
  • Appeared in 67 games and averaged 13 minutes per game as a pro last season: 58 games with Alba Berlin in the German BBL, the Eurocup and the German Cup and nine with Alba’s B team SSV lok Bernau Alba in the German Pro B (second division)[6];
  • Low level rotation player for most of the year but was relied on a little bit more towards the end of the season – had 21-minute and 16-minute appearances against Bayern Munich in the German BBL semifinals;
  • Acted solely as a floor spacer in the pros and did very little as a ball handler against older competition;
    • 59.7% of his shots were three-point attempts last season;
    • 17.5% usage rate;
    • Showed glimpses of being able to take shots on the move;
  • Weakside defender for the most part: impressed with his activity executing the scheme and making plays in the passing lanes but struggles when forced to navigate through screens and hasn’t shown be an asset in rim protection or rebounding;
  • Is said to be joining Michigan next season;
  • Selected for the German National Team that will play the U18 FIBA European Championships in Volos, Greece starting next weekend.


  • Has a low release, launching the ball from out in front, but gets a good deal of elevation for someone his height and has a quick trigger due to compact mechanics – able to shoot over or prior to closeouts reasonably comfortably;
  • Has shown legit NBA range at times and tends to get a good arc under his shot for the most part;
  • Took most of his shots on standstill spot-ups but also flashed some ability to take shots on the move relocating around the wing, as the trailer in transition and sprinting to the ball on dribble-handoffs;
  • Good balance and fluidity shot faking into a three-pointer off an escape dribble against hard closeouts;
  • Nailed 38.4% of his 125 three-point shots last season, at a pace of 5.7 such attempts per 40 minutes;
  • Flashes of functional ball skills and balance to get off an elbow pull-up handling on side pick-and-rolls off handoffs.


  • Struggles to get all the way to the basket putting the ball on the floor out of triple threat position;
    • Has not shown a whole lot of speed with the ball on straight line drives or shiftiness shaking his defender side-to-side;
  • Yet to show much dynamism or particularly impressive court vision as a ball handler in pick-and-roll;
  • Has shown glimpses of explosive leaping ability off one foot in transition, which suggests he might have untapped athletic potential to develop as his body evolves;
  • Below the rim finisher in the half-court at this point of his development but has flashed some interesting resources in traffic;
    • Scoop finishes with both hands and off awkward balance;
    • Wrong foot, wrong hand layups;
    • Jump-stop into a shot-fake to bait the rim protector into leaving his feet;
    • 64% true shooting on 265 field goal attempts and 65 free throws last season;
  • Smart cutter;
  • Willing screener off the ball, sprints to screen;
  • Ball mover;
  • Tries to post up smaller players from time-to-time but is yet to develop a patient approach or many resources operating with his back to the basket, mostly looking for quick basic turnaround layups.


  • Bends his knees to get down in a stance on the ball and stays in a stance off the ball;
  • Is active crashing in to help crowd the area near the basket on actions in the opposite side of the court, executes stunts, rotates in to pick up the roll man, clogs driving lanes and showed some reactionary instincts making plays in the passing lanes;
    • Averaged 2.5 steals per 40 minutes last season;
    • Not the sort of athlete who can help protect the rim as a shot blocking threat or a willing charge drawer;
  • Attentive to his boxout responsibilities putting a body on whoever is close by but is only average chasing the ball off the rim against older competition;
    • Collected just 12.4% of opponents’ misses when he was on the floor;
  • Attentive enough to switch on the fly when needed, puts in the effort to try fronting the post to deny an easy entry, plays with pleasing intensity while trying to hold his ground and guards with his arms up;
    • Might develop into a legit option to pick up bigger players on switches regularly if his physical profile continues to develop, as he has already shown impressive tenacity for the task;
  • Has shown glimpses of being able to run the shooter off the line on hard closeouts and stay balance to defend off the dribble;
  • Struggles to negotiate multiple picks chasing shooters around the floor and tends to crash into ball-screens defending at the point of attack;
  • Unable to stay in front one-on-one against dynamic types and doesn’t have the strength to contain dribble penetration through contact;
    • Does not project to develop into a potential ace defender on the ball.

[1] According to Eurospects

[2] According to Alba Berlin’s official listing

[3] According to Draft Express

[4] According to Eurospects

[5] DOB: 8/27/2001

[6] According to RealGM

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rafael Uehara is the managing editor of ‘Basketball Scouting’. More of his work can be found here or at RealGM, where he is a regular contributor. He can be followed on twitter as @rafael_uehara

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