Kerwin Roach, II Scouting Report


Kerwin Roach, II was the 47nd-ranked prospect in the 2015 high school class[1].

In his three years at Texas, the 21-year-old[2] has accumulated 2,624 minutes of college basketball experience.

Most recently, the six-foot-four combo averaged 14.8 points per 40 minutes[3] on 50.6% effective shooting and compiled a 14.9 PER in 32 appearances last season[4].

His primary role was to space the floor, given the team lacked other reliable shooters after Andrew Jones left the team to battle leukemia. But Roach, II also had the chance to create on the ball quite a bit, not just on side pick-and-rolls but middle pick-and-rolls against a set defense as well, and impressed with his ability to get to the rim in volume and create for others a fair amount.

On the other end, the Houston native spent most of his time as a weak-side defender, mostly matched up against smaller off guards due to his thin 180-pound frame. While limited in individual defense due to his lack of strength, he offers nice potential flying around to create events.


Roach, II got plenty of touches creating off a live dribble on handoffs and against a set defense on pick-and-rolls or in isolation.

He has an explosive first step to blow by his man on speed, not just off triple threat position but out of a standstill as well, and also proved to have quite a bit of side-to-side shiftiness – able to dribble behind the back in a pinch or pivot into a well coordinated spin move in the blink of an eye.

Roach, II can’t maintain his balance through contact but is very quick with the ball and can euro-step to maneuver his way through traffic – taking 34.7% of his shots at the basket[5], though he earned just 4.1 foul shots per 40 minutes.

While he is unable to absorb and finish through contact, Roach, II is an explosive leaper off one foot in traffic, has a finger-roll lefty finish when forced to his off hand and can adjust his body in the air for acrobatic finishes around rim protectors – converting 63.4% of his 111 shots at the rim, with just 14 of his makes assisted.

Roach, II has also proven himself a very willing passer on the move. He can play with pace in pick-and-roll, keeps the ball in a string and keeps his dribble alive to probe around the defense when a pocket pass isn’t immediately available.

Besides basic drop-offs and kick-outs against a collapsing defense, Roach, II has also shown pretty good court vision to toss up lobs in traffic – assisting on 21.3% of Texas’ scores when he was on the floor, though his average of three turnovers per 40 minutes is quite high for someone with his 21.8% usage rate.


Roach, II can create separation by using hang dribbles into a nifty crossover move but hasn’t developed into an efficient shot maker off the bounce just yet – missing 70.5% of his 88 two-point jumpers last season and 76.4% of his 72 such attempts the season before[6].

He was a lot more capable off the catch. Roach, II took some shots coming to the ball for dribble-handoffs but got most of his looks as a weak-side floor-spacer on spot-ups, flashing some pretty deep range at times. He launches the ball from a low release out in front, almost at forehead level, but gets monster elevation off the ground and has compact mechanics to shoot over or prior to closeouts more often than not.

Roach, II nailed 36.4% of his 121 three-point shots last season, though at a pace of just 4.5 such attempts per 40 minutes. He nailed just 63.6% of his 360 foul shots over his three years at Texas, though – hitting the breaks on some of the excitement over his potential as a shooter.


Roach, II bends his knees to get down in a stance and can get skinny to go over screens. He leverages his agility to shuffle his feet laterally and stay in front but lacks strength to chest up and contain dribble penetration through contact.

Roach, II also lacks particularly impressive length to contest shots effectively, though he can explode off the floor to block some shots on the ball from time-to-time.

He makes more of a contribution on defense off the weak-side. Roach, II has shown to be quite instinctive making plays in the passing lanes and is attentive to his responsibilities rotating inside in help defense, unable to crowd the area near the basket effectively due to his thin frame but able explode off the ground to block shots from time-to-time – averaging 1.8 steals per 40 minutes last season and picking up 24 blocks in his 97 NCAA appearances.

He also pitched in some in the defensive glass – collecting 10.1% of opponents’ misses when he was on the floor this past year.

[1] According to ESPN

[2] DOB: 10/24/1996

[3] According to sports-reference

[4] According to RealGM

[5] According to hoop-math

[6] According to hoop-math

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rafael Uehara is the managing editor of ‘Basketball Scouting’. More of his work can be found here or at RealGM, where he is a regular contributor. He can be followed on twitter as @rafael_uehara


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