Donte DiVincenzo Scouting Report


Donte DiVincenzo was the 124th-ranked prospect in the 2015 high school class.

Three years later, he is now expected to end up a first round pick in this year’s draft, in large part due to his 31-point performance in the National Championship Final.

There is more to it, of course. The six-foot-four wing averaged 18.4 points per 40 minutes on 59% effective shooting and compiled a 19.8 PER in 40 appearances this past year.

Villanova played the sixth-toughest schedule in the country and had a +21.1 pace-adjusted point differential with him on the floor.

However, the 21-year-old entered the season without any expectation he’d be considered a pro prospect by the end of it. He also didn’t draw enough interest prior to his breakout at the title game to be invited to prominent offseason events. Aside his 2,164 minutes at Villanova, his only other meaningful experience was 76 minutes at the 2017 adidas Nations.

DiVincenzo’s primary role on offense was as a floor-spacer and cutter, as he logged 22.4% usage rate, took 54.2% of his shots from three-point range and had 53.7% of his field-goals assisted, including almost half (43.7%) of his scores at the rim, though he did have some opportunities to put the ball on the floor off dribble handoffs and isolate against his man out of ball reversals.

On the other end, the native of Wilmington, Delaware started most possessions off the ball and acted as a weak-side defender for the most part, stunting in-and-closing out or helping crowd the area near the basket. But Villanova switched aggressively on ball screens, so he found himself matched up with different types of players from time-to-time.

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