Kevin Knox Scouting Report


Kevin Knox, II was the 10th-ranked prospect in the 2017 high school class[1].

Through the first 14 games of the season, the six-foot-nine big wing has averaged 17.6 points per 40 minutes on 50.6% effective shooting and 22.8% usage-rate[2].

His role on the team is as a shot maker who relies on his teammates and the offense to get him in a position to take good shots, given he hasn’t had the chance to run pick-and-roll or isolate against his man regularly.

Although he does post up a smaller matchup every once in a while, his touches are mostly coming with him spotting up on the weak-side, coming to the ball for dribble hand-offs and curling around pindown screens.

His 15.0 PER is a cause for concern regarding his ability to make a tangible impact in the game other than scoring, though.

His 215-pound frame and six-foot-11 wingspan[3] make him suited to play as a big on smaller lineups but Kentucky rarely plays that way, so Knox has been a wing defender for the most the part.

He’s proven himself agile enough to guard out in space in the perimeter and attentive enough to execute the scheme as a help-defender. But for someone with his physical traits, Knox hasn’t created many events, posting low steal and block rates and grabbing defensive rebounds at an average rate.

He’s ranked 10th in ESPN’s top 100.

[1] According to

[2] According to sports-reference

[3] According to Draft Express

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