Hamidou Diallo Scouting Report


  • Hamidou Diallo is ranked 21st on ESPN’s top 100.
  • Through the non-conference part of the schedule, the swingman averaged 21.5 points per 40 minutes on 49.7% effective shooting and 26.6% usage rate[1]. His unimpressive 18.7 PER indicates he is not leveraging his athletic prowess into many tangible contributions other than scoring, though.
  • The 19-year-old[2] is getting most of his touches in the half-court attacking off ball reversals and spotting up as a weak-side floor-spacer, though Kentucky will have him run from one side of the floor to the other around staggered screens for catches at the elbow and post him up from time to time.
    • He’s yet to handle the ball in middle high pick-and-roll against a set defense, though.
  • On the other end, the six-foot-six, 190-pounder has been mostly a pure wing defender. Kentucky has an exceptional on-ball defender in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and doesn’t do any cross matching or a whole lot of switching, so it’s unclear if Diallo can play down a position.
    • Though his seven-foot wingspan[3] suggests he could develop into an asset switching onto bigger players in the future, Diallo is not strong enough for that just yet.


  • Diallo is a remarkable player in transition – flying up the court with just as impressive speed with as without the ball, using in-and-out and behind the back dribbles or euro-steps to weave his way through traffic and elevating off one foot explosively or showcasing great body control to finish at the basket.
    • He can certainly play above the rim as a target for lobs filling the lanes as well.
  • In the half-court, Diallo can get all the way to the basket on straight line drives attacking closeouts or curling off pindown screens. He is an explosive leaper off one or two feet and can hang or adjust his body in the air for acrobatic finishes around rim protectors, though he’s not an ambidextrous finisher, proving to be a less capable scorer with his left hand.
    • Diallo has converted his 54 shots at the basket at a 61.1% clip[4] and averaged 6.2 foul shots per 40 minutes.


  • Diallo is an inconsistent shooter at this point of his development in terms of how capable he looks from attempt to attempt.
    • Off the catch, he seems to do better catching on the hop than when he stands still on triple threat position – as going up and pulling the trigger almost look like two different motions and he struggles with his touch in these instances.
      • Diallo has nailed 36.4% of his 33 three-point shots so far this season but at a pace of just 3.8 such attempts per 40 minutes and he’s hit just 64.2% of his 53 free throws.
      • He is only an open-shot set shooter at this point of his development.
    • Off the dribble, his pull-up stroke looks good. His quickness and body control materialize in his ability to stop on a dime and rise up in a pinch. His mechanics look fluid but his touch is only OK as of now – hitting just 36.4% of his 55 two-point jumpers.
      • He’s flashed a floater to finish over length from the in-between area but needs to develop better touch on that shot as well.
    • Though he is yet to run offense in the half-court with some regularity, Diallo has proven himself a decent passer on the move, able to spot cutters and shooters becoming open with the defense collapsing to the threat of his drive – assisting on 12.8% of Kentucky’s scores when he’s been on the floor.
    • When he’s had the chance to isolate against his man, Diallo has shown a combination of explosive first step and crossover move to shake him side-to-side and blow by him. But he hasn’t gotten all the way to the basket often off the bounce. Kentucky doesn’t provide ideal spacing but his shot selection is also suspect.
      • He’s taking 39.3% of his shots from mid-range and just 16 of his 33 makes at the rim have been unassisted.


  • Diallo mostly gets down in a defensive stance by hunching rather than bending his knees, keeping his chest up and back flat. Despite undoubtedly possessing quick feet, he has struggled to react laterally and been repeatedly beat one-on-one.
  • Diallo looks to go over ball-screens defending at the point of the attack but mostly just goes through the motions, without playing with the sort of intensity needed to make a real impact in terms of hurrying back to his man and using his length to deter or contest shots and passes from behind.
  • He is attentive to his help defense responsibilities a fair amount, rotating off the weak-side to the area near the basket, but hardly ever leverages his athleticism into impact plays.
    • It’s rare to see him drawing a charge and he has just 15 steals and two blocks in 343 minutes this season, though he is collecting 12.9% of opponents’ misses in his time on the floor – a decent mark for a two-guard.
  • His closeouts are lazy and opponents can easily get a good shot off or put the ball on the floor and leave him behind.

[1] According to sports-reference

[2] DOB: 7/31/1998

[3] According to Draft Express

[4] According to hoop-math

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Rafael Uehara is the managing editor of ‘Basketball Scouting’. More of his work can be found here or at RealGM, where he is a regular contributor. He can be followed on twitter as @rafael_uehara


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