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Michael Porter, Jr. Scouting Report


With free agency and Summer League in the rearview mirror, NBA fans start to turn their attention to the 2017-2018 season and part of that is learning who is worth tanking for. And that would be Michael Porter, Jr., the Missouri-commit who currently ranks first on Draft Express’ top 60[1].

The just-turned 19-year-old is coming off a wildly successful year. After moving from Missouri to Seattle, the six-foot-10 forward led Brandon Roy-coached Nathan Hale, a high school that had lost 18 of 21 games the previous season, to a 29-0 record and a state championship — the school’s first since 1994.

Porter dominated in high school due to his athletic prowess but also showed an appealing level of skill for someone his size. The combination of dribble moves and shot making he displayed, even if still in its infancy, makes his scoring potential tantalizing.

That said, Porter doesn’t have a particularly polished skill-set at this point of his development. He got most of his offense in the half-court out of the isolation plays, as Roy didn’t put him in the pick-and-roll often. He also didn’t have much opportunity to showcase the versatility of his shot.

Defensively, Porter has the combination of physical profile and athletic ability to potentially develop into an impact defender who could make a difference in a variety of ways. He’s far from materializing into that, though. As it tends to be the case with most teenagers, his effort on that end was subpar more often than not.

[1] RIP, Draft Express

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