Isaiah Hartenstein Scouting Report

Excellent work by Artur Kowis. Everyone is encouraged to check out Artur’s blog ‘BallTrackr‘ and to follow him on twitter @arturkowis.


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  • 2nd highest Usage at 30.2%.
  • 42% of his shots came from beyond the arc (7th highest rate among all players listed either PF or C with significant minutes played)
    • 28% three point shooter, mostly out of pick & pop situations. A fair bunch of tough shots for a disappointing TS% of 49% (even though still somewhat acceptable for a young alent trying to do so much for his team offensively).
    • Unlike some tweeners playing in the frontcourt at this level, Hartenstein has legit big man height at 6’11 with a good frame, length and great hands. However, Hartenstein tries to impact the game from the perimeter, shooting from long distance and driving frequently – probably idolizes Kevin Durant.
  • Drew a very good amount of free throws considering that he’s rarely played under the rim.
    • Shot a disappointing 53%…

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