Andres Feliz Scouting Report

Excellent work by Artur Kowis. Everyone is encouraged to check out Artur’s blog ‘BallTrackr‘ and to follow him on twitter @arturkowis.



  • At 6’0 or 6’1, Feliz is a scoring combo guard
    • Top scorer per game. 7th in scoring per 30 among players who played 20+ mpg
  • Extremely efficient in a high usage role
    • 13th among usage among all FIBA U19 players who played significant minutes
    • Among 28 players with a 28+ USG%, Feliz was 6th best in TS% (56%), 5th best in eFG% (53%).
    • Only 3 players had a higher or matching ORTG
      • Feliz’ efficiency was barely carried by distance shooting. Only 25% of his shots came from beyond the arc. He shot 32% on these which is decent given the high number of pull-up threes he took. Had to take a fair number of pull-ups with the clock winding down which is watering his long range efficiency down some more.
      • Fairly quick but low release and not effortless, pushing the ball.
      • Shot 55% inside the arc…

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