Bogdan Bogdanovic Scouting Report


After a breakthrough campaign with Partizan in 2013-2014, Bogdan Bogdanovic had to adapt to a different context last season. Fenerbahçe had a number of players capable of handling the ball, so Bogdanovic didn’t get to monopolize possession as much. He also played for a coach who didn’t tolerate wild pull-ups early in the shot clock (except for Andrew Goudelock, who was allowed more freedom than the others). His minutes went down and so did his usage.


Bogdanovic is a fundamentally sound shooter – utilizing the hop to get great elevation and dipping the ball for rhythm. He doesn’t have a particularly quick release but his motion is very fluid, which makes it tough for opponents to run at him and contest effectively. He is not only a threat spotting up on the weak-side but has also proven able to shoot on the move.

Doing a little more work off the ball improved Bogdanovic’s shooting percentage, as expected. He needed to create most of his own looks at Partizan (he’s only a so-so shooter off the bounce), which helps explain why such a good shooter converted only 33.7% of his 415 three-point attempts in 2013-2014. Getting more of his shots off the catch last season, Bogdanovic hit his 292 three-point shots at a 38.7% clip.


He handled the ball less but still had opportunities to create.

Bogdanovic does best on side pick-and-rolls, when he has the opportunity to attack off a live dribble. He continues to struggle scoring efficiently when asked to create for himself against a set defense, though.

Bogdanovic is not very explosive and cannot create separation off the bounce. He can turn the corner to get into the lane thanks to his lower body strength, as he is able to absorb contact and maintain his balance. But his average athleticism has consistently hurt him finishing at the basket. According to, Bogdanovic shot just 47.8% on 69 attempts at the rim in his 823 Euroleague minutes last season, after converting just 43.2% of his 81 such shots against the same level of competition the season before.

He does bring value off the bounce as a good passer on the move, though – not the sort of creative ball handler who finds teammates as they rotate into open spots but a shot creator who recognizes quickly when the defense converges to him and somebody is left open. According to RealGM, Bogdanovic assisted on 16% of Fenerbahçe’s scores in his 1,724 minutes on the floor last season.


He is a so-so defender – not any sort of liability but not much an impact player either. Bogdanovic can slide around his screens rather well for someone his size (six-foot-six, 205-pound frame) and has decent lateral mobility to keep pace as threat trailing the play. But he doesn’t play with a lot of toughness, unable to contain dribble penetration through contract. And despite his six-foot-11, he doesn’t generate many turnovers playing the passing lanes.

Editor’s Note: Rafael Uehara is the managing editor of ‘Basketball Scouting’. More of his work can be found here or at Upside & Motor, where he is a regular contributor. He can be followed on twitter as @rafael_uehara.


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