Sergio Llull Scouting Report

Sergio Llull led the Spanish league in offensive rating and ranked second in the Euroleague in scoring per possession among point guards. The 26-year old is one of the best all around offensive threats in Europe.

He excels best in the pick-and-roll. Llull is a good passer out of dribble penetration with great vision, does not struggle when forced to change direction and shot really well when he opted to pull up or launch a floater in the in-between area. Shots from the mid-range accounted for 29.3% of his attempts in 830 Euroleague minutes and he hit them at a superb 55.1% clip. Llull assisted on 22% of Real Madrid’s baskets when he was on the floor in both leagues, while posting the lowest turnover rate among position peers in the Spanish league and the second lowest in the Euroleague. He is not at same level as Sergio Rodriguez or Marcelinho Huertas creating out of the pick-and-roll but stands just a notch below.

Llull has above average quickness for the European game, not just good speed on straight line drives but also possesses a go-to hesitation move and is comfortable dribbling with his off hand to shake defenders and find his path to the basket, though he doesn’t get there enough (only 18% of his attempts in the Euroleague) and doesn’t draw fouls at a high rate (two free throws per 28 minutes). He does not play above the rim (just six dunks on 120 two-point field goals in 1,262 Spanish league minutes) but has great balance to hang in the air and touch to finish at rim level against length. Llull shot 70.8% in 48 attempts at the rim in the Euroleague and had only five of his 225 two-point shots blocked in the Spanish league. Part of it was fueled by his prolificacy in transition, as his speed is best maximized in the open court.

He logged almost 43% of his minutes in the Euroleague playing as the off guard alongside Sergio Rodriguez, which is made possible by his shooting. Llull is a gunner when he is off the ball, and an above average one. Three-pointers accounted for over half of his shots and he hit them at a 38.5% clip, but while averaging 2.6 makes per 40 minutes. Llull gets great elevation and has a quick trigger, making it difficult for players his own size to block his shot in isolation or even effectively contest it on closeouts. As a result of everything he brought to the table, Real Madrid averaged over 120 points per 100 possessions with him on the floor in each league.

Llull plays with a lot of effort on the other end, especially in the pick-and-roll, but his impact was very limited due to his small six-foot-three, 190-pound frame. His quickness translates into lateral mobility and he works hard to fight screens. But he doesn’t have much core strength to contain dribble penetration through contact and struggles against the elite athletes. Tyrese Rice just completely bullied him in the Euroleague championship game. Llull also was a complete non-factor playing passing lanes to manufacture turnovers, in rim protection and on the glass, even when compared among position peers. Real Madrid allowed the same scoring on a per-possession rate with or without him on the floor in each league.

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Rafael Uehara is the managing editor of ‘Basketball Scouting’. More of his work can be found here or at Upside & Motor, where he is a regular contributor. He can be followed on twitter as @rafael_uehara.


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